Pressing the rag

Pressing the rag

Folds and folds of a crumpled cloth, the weave of thick canvas or the eyelets of an old curtain can be used to obtain unusual textural effects.

When the base coat is dry, apply an even layer of non-covering paint on a small scrap of the wall and spread it well with a brush.

When the paint is still wet, crumple it with a clean one, not sleepy, cloth and press it against the wall, until the pattern is created. While holding the cloth against the wall, make a slight twist of your hand, so that the pattern is clear.

Paint another part of the wall and repeat the treatment, slightly overlapping the edges of the previous fragment.

When the pattern starts to fade, take a new cloth.

If the paint dries too quickly, soak it with a damp sponge. This technique produces the most effective results on walls and ceilings, that is there, where an interesting pattern will be well displayed.

Odciskanie gałganka
Before you press the cloth, remove brush marks by sticking a sponge or a stomping brush to the fresh paint.