Non-standard functional bathroom layouts

bathroomNon-standard functional bathroom layouts. A room related primarily to hygiene and physiology can also be a place of physical and mental regeneration. The applicable standards provide for typical functional layouts of bathrooms, usually with a small area. However, it is always possible to arrange a bathroom tailored to individual needs. When making such an attempt, one should remember about the functional surface, which is required for the comfortable use of individual devices – bathtubs, spraying, wash basins, WC, and a washing machine most often placed in the bathroom, Najkorzystniejszy wariant wzajemnego ustawienia elementów wyposażenia łazienki uzyskuje się w wyniku przemyślanego wyboru nałożenia się ich przestrzeni funkcjonalnych. Mounting height of the bathtub, mirrors , electrical sockets and other accessories must meet the technical requirements. Changing the standard functional layout of the bathroom, depending on the needs of the family, can go towards: dividing the bathroom into a work area with a washing machine, dryer, a place for soaps and powders and a hygiene zone with a sink and a bathtub; the abandonment of the bathtub in favor of the shower cabin; completion, at the expense of adjacent rooms, a recess serving as a small laundry and drying room.