Applying the paint with a roller or a special brush

Applying the paint with a roller or a special brush

The emulsion is applied the fastest using a roller, which leaves fewer marks than a brush.

Pour the paint into the recess in the tray, dip the edge of the fight in it, then move the roller evenly, to evenly distribute the paint on its surface. It will take a little longer to pick up the paint on a dry roller.

Move the roller over the surface with quicks, with intersecting movements. Be careful, so that nothing is painted over. Do not scoop too much paint on the roller or make any sudden moves, jerky movements, as the paint may splash onto the unprotected surface. Finish with a brush in hard-to-reach places.

The special brush should be dipped in the paint, then drain off its excess on the edge of the tray. There are also special applicators that allow the stamps to be soaked evenly. The paint is applied by moving the stamp in different directions. When the applied layer becomes too thin, pick up the paint again.

Applying paint with a roller.
Start with strokes crossing each other.

Applying paint with a special brush.
Spread the paint in different directions.