Composite walls

Composite walls: a) bonding a brick column with vertical reinforcement placed in the joints, b) reinforced concrete sloop placed inside and outside the column, c) fragment of a wall reinforced with reinforced concrete poles, d) vertically reinforced sloop in furrows filled with concrete or mortar.

Ceramic-reinforced concrete structures, i.e.. complex, apply in the case of, when columns or brick walls are not able to withstand heavy loads. The walls can be transversely or longitudinally reinforced.

Transverse reinforcement is made in the form of meshes made of round bars placed in horizontal joints between brick layers.

Longitudinal reinforcement can be done in three ways:
a) pręty zbrojenia podłużnego ustawione są między spoinami pionowymi cegieł lub na zewnątrz słupa i są powiązane strzemionami,
b) pręty ustawione są w słupach betonowych połączonych z cegłą,
c) pręty ustawione są na zewnętrznej stronie muru, connected with stirrups and encased in concrete.

The methods of column and wall reinforcement as well as the types of brick bonds in composite walls are presented in the drawing above.