Measuring and cutting wallpapers

Measuring and cutting wallpapers

Measure the height of the wall on both sides and in the center, thus determining the maximum length of the sheet and add to it 10 cm match. Thanks to this, you will have approx 5 cm – excess for an even finish. In the same way, measure the ceiling and add 5 cm match, which you will trim later along the side and window walls. Expand the wallpaper meter, to check the direction of the pattern. Align the tip, and then cut the sheets to the desired length.

You can cut off one sheet at a time or – to speed up your work – cut off several lengths at a time, so that one sheet will be able to soak up the glue while hanging the other (however, do not forget to mark the top end and the next sheet number on the back). If you want to trim wallpaper according to a pattern, use a tape measure to measure the length and wallpaper scissors. If you are laying wallpaper with a smooth or irregular pattern, you can cut equal lengths from one roll. If you want to combine sheets of wallpaper with a twill pattern, cut lengths from two or three rolls at once, to minimize paper waste. Place two rolls side by side on the table and match the pattern exactly, before you start cutting.

Measuring length
A steel tape measure is best suited for measuring the length of the sheets. Always leave at least a cm of reserve.

Pattern with horizontal arrangement
Cut equal lengths of horizontal wallpaper from the same roll; for that. where necessary, leave a small reserve for trimming.

Pattern with diagonal arrangement
Precisely match the wallpaper sheets with a diagonal pattern, before you start measuring lengths and cutting.