Kabe exterior paints

Colors Outside Kaaba it's a good choice.

The most important thing is to colors façade elements had very good resistance to weather conditions and were resistant to mechanical loads.

The first step is to choose the right facade paint for exterior painting.

We distinguish color Kabe such as:

  • dispersive- acrylic (Bugoflex, Acrylatex)
  • silicate-silicate ( Calsilit F)
  • silicone - vapor permeable ( Armasil F)
  • low-alkaline polysilicate ( Novalit F)
  • azure ( Novalit L)
  • special paints, e.g.. on cracked substrates (Novalit Plan) , undercoats on low adhesion surfaces ( Spin)

The highest resistance to weather conditions has the Armasil F facade paint. In a few sentences, we will describe its most important features and advantages:

Armasil F paint is used on mineral substrates, such as traditional plaster, concrete, cement or mineral plasters, but can also be used on substrates, which are covered with a coating based on plastics. Its coating is very durable, vapor permeable and has low water absorption. Thanks to this paint, the facade is protected against precipitation,and this is due to the silicone surface. We are dealing here with the effect of "repelling" water molecules, thanks to which the deposition of pollutants is reduced. The paint can be ordered white matt as well as in the colors available in the templates. Pigments, included in Kabe paint are resistant to UV radiation.

Priming before painting with Armasil F.:

Use HYDROPOR for priming (preparation for mineral substrates) and wait about 12h before painting , because this is how much soil needs to season.

Very important !!!

If you are painting a low-absorbency substrate, do not prime - wash it off with water (on the ground such as: plasters based on plastics or other dispersion paint coatings)

Color Kabe is a wide range of not only external paints. We can also make a selection in other products from the Kabe company, where the manufacturer also recommends plasters, renovation measures, indoor paints and products for thermal insulation of buildings.