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Attic insulation

Warming the attic, We place mineral or glass wool thermal insulation boards between the rafters. From the inside of the room, it is absolutely necessary to cover it with sheets of vapor barrier made of PE polyethylene foil. Pasy folii układa się zawsze z co

Pulling off concrete

When manually pouring the concrete base layer, it is important to properly determine the height of the screed. This is achieved by means of guides laid on the ground and attached to it, e.g.. with mounting mortar. The patches are situated what 80-100 cm exactly when positioning

Thermal insulation on the ground

For thermal insulation of floors on the ground, special mineral wool boards, the so-called. until it is in contact with the ground. This term in practice means, that thanks to a special protection, the boards do not absorb moisture from the substrate, and thus they do not lose their property …