Attic insulation

Warming the attic, We place mineral or glass wool thermal insulation boards between the rafters. Od strony wnętrza pomieszczenia bezwzględnie trzeba je

Pulling off concrete

When manually pouring the concrete base layer, it is important to properly determine the height of the screed. Służą temu łaty prowadzące ułożone na podłożu

Panels with a lock

Panel floors, especially laminated ones have already gained great recognition among users. Jedną z ważniejszych ich cech jest łatwość układania na podłożu poprzez jedynie sklejenie ich

Easier assembly

When building partition walls or installation walls from plasterboard, we must remember about this, that vertical elements – bars, made of C-type sheet metal profiles, wsuwanych w

Thermoinjection method

hydrophobic lockThe perfect protection of old foundations is the implementation of the so-called. hydrophobic lock. Well, special preparations are injected inside the wall, by solidifying, they form blockages in the wall, przez którą nie przenika wilgoć

Good mortar

The appropriate consistency of concrete or mortar is decisive for the quality of many construction works. Most often we use those with a dense-plastic consistency. Po zarobieniu betonu lub zaprawy wodą sprawdzamy

Insulated windows

old windowsThermal insulation of standard combined windows with two single panes, which dominate in old buildings, we can increase them by installing a single-chamber double glazing in the inner sash. Jest ona