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Office in the apartment

officeThe situation is changing, if one of the family members works professionally at home. They are most often people from creative backgrounds, scientific or artistic, with the right to additional living space. Wtedy należy jeden z pokoi urządzić jako

Kitchen layout

Kitchen layoutThe layout of the kitchen furniture depends on the size and shape of the kitchen room. The single-row arrangement is most common in narrow rooms, and its variation are built-in kitchens in the so-called. studio flats. Układ dwurzędowy występuje w kuchniach średniej wielkości. Pozwala on na bardziej korzystne usytuowanie elementów

School child's room

student roomFor a school-age child, you need to organize a comfortable study corner with a small desk or tabletop with dimensions 100 x 50 cm attached to the wall or cabinets at a height appropriate for the child's height. Miejsce do nauki powinno być zlokalizowane w