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Classic kitchen

classic kitchenIn many apartments, the classic kitchen solution is used as a separate room. There are many well-decorated interiors among them. For example, a kitchen with a bar window open to the room, built in the attic. The collection of colorful glasses is eye-catching. …

Glaze in the bathroom

glazeGlaze and terracotta are classic, glamorous, permanently, but also an expensive bathroom finish. However, it allows the easiest way to keep clean. By developing a generally small bathroom area, it is good to use a compact toilet and a low rinse system. Często stosuje się wyłożenie

Old items

antiques roomOld items taken out of the nooks and crannies of cellars and attics, refurbished and skillfully used,can become an extremely effective home furnishings, especially the living room. An example would be a comfortable table and a handy console with cutlery in the dining corner. Kilim mats, frędzle i inne rzeczy