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A colorful bathroom

color bathroomManipulating color, Failure to comply with standards and wit make the bathroom practical and pleasing to the eye. The desired arrangement effects can also be obtained from fancifully cut plywood screens, ingenious lighting, poster. The bathroom is built in the living room as a chest against the wall, oklejona fototapetą

Light wet method

A light method of wet insulation of building walls consists in gluing polystyrene boards or mineral wool with a thickness of 8-12 cm. Na przyklejone i w wielu wypadkach zakotwione łącznikami płyty nanosi się cienką warstwę zaprawy klejącej i wciska w

Heavyweight type insulation

Heavyweight type insulationProper protection against moisture is a decisive factor in the durability of a building. The basement walls of a house located in an area with a high groundwater level must be equipped with a heavy vertical anti-water insulation. Izolację należy wykonać z papy lub folii budowlanych łączonych