Patterns on wallpapers – which one to choose?

Wallpapering is a quick and easy way to renovate walls or ceilings, and the choice of wall coverings is really big and includes a variety of materials, colors, patterns and textures. The samples below are only a substitute for this, z czego można

Embossed and relief wallpapers

Embossed and relief wallpapers

These wallpapers have a convex surface and are best for covering low-quality plaster. Many of them can be painted with both emulsion paint, like varnish or oil enamel. Some of these wallpapers should be handled …


The material suitable for covering the walls is not only paper, but also plastic panels, foil, natural fibers and fabrics. The prices are very different. Some wallpapers are stronger and easier to stick than others.

Choosing the right one may not be easy, worth it …